Gwyn Studied Podiatry as a mature student achieving his BSc in Podiatry from Queen Margaret University, Musselburgh, Edinburgh. He is a full member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and has Full HCPC Registration to work as a Fully Qualified Podiatrist. Prior to this he has served in the Royal Navy for 14 years in the Submarine Service, spent time in engineering, IT and finally Podiatry. He specialises in Diabetes, Arthritis, MSK (which is the biomechanics of how we walk and how, with the use of Orthotics, it can improve foot health and a pain free lifestyle), heart disease, general foot health care, skin and nail conditions.
Gwyn works with all the staff at Tolbooth House under the banner of Feet First For Fife to improve foot health across Fife. When he isn’t working on foot health at Tolbooth he supplies much needed foot health and care to the Homeless of Edinburgh for Crisis. Every Christmas day and Boxing day you will find him Donating 24 hours of his time for Crisis at Christmas maintaining the ever increasing homeless people's health that come to the shelters.
Gwyn, a Classic Car enthusiast, is a Single Father with 2 children and relaxes by taking his kids away camping whenever he can.

What is a Podiatrist’s Qualifications?

A Podiatrist has received in depth training at University and studied at the University and also achieved many months working in NHS clinics to achieve their BSc or Bachelor of Science Degree in Podiatric Medicine.

Why am I now seeing a Podiatrist and not a Chiropodist?

Chiropodists and Podiatrists deal with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the lower limb and are qualified to treat people with arthritis, diabetes, nail surgery and sports injuries. They work with people of all ages but play a particularly important role in helping older people to stay mobile and, therefore, independent. So there is no difference between a chiropodist and a podiatrist. Podiatrist is the term used for chiropodists in other English speaking countries.

Why is my treatment different?

Your Podiatrist works to ensure good foot health is maintained. They may suggest the use of specialist creams or perhaps shoe orthotics to ensure you remain pain free for longer therefore increasing the length of time between appointments and thus save you money in the long run. Any treatments suggested are in line with the NHS and the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists guidelines to maintain healthy pain free feet.

Your Podiatrist is: Gwyn Malcolm BSc Podiatry MChS
HCPC Registration Number CH33825
Entitlements: Local Anaesthesia and Prescription only medicines